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Borrow up to 25,000 pesos
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Customers’ voices
Kieh A. Mingoy
I used this app smoothly at the first time. But my reloan was "REJECTED" recently even though I've fully paid all my due date in advance and I don't kno
w why. As soon as I contact the customer service, they felt sorry and toldme how to handle it quickly. Just three days later, Happycash sent me a message and I can reapply successfully with a larger ammount. Their service isreally patient and efficient!!!
Liza Cañada
Happycash is one of the best online loans. I applied on December 23 and received the money an hour later. What's amazing is their one-month term, and the good news is that I was approved for a loan of P2,500...and I receivedthe entire money, which I paid back after a month with only P370 interest....... Mararamdaman mo yung hiniram mo kay Happycash compared to otheronline loans na napakalaki ng processing fee. Very excellent service at talagang nakakatulong!!!
Joenel Taniegra
I can't believe I have only tried using this app recently. I have used a lot of OLA with extremely high interest just bcos we really needed extra cash. But
with Happycash, there's an option to pay up to 3 months already on my 2nd loan & the interest is still so much lower compared to those loan shark apps. I'm currently very happy with this!
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Happycash is a fintech platform that delivers digital credit to Filipinos – providing quick, seamless, affordable financial access to the credit-worthy yet underserved. Happycash is operated by Yinshan Lending Inc. Operating under the name of HappyCash, a licensed financing company with SEC Registration No. CS201900108 and Certificate of Authority No.2860. Please Always study the terms and conditions, disclosure statement, and privacy agreement before proceeding with any transaction.
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